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FJM-homeOn the website you will find compositions, transcriptions and arrangements listed in the Catalogue section. Within this section works are listed and classified as ‘music for brass, music for wind band’ etc. Overall the music catalogue represents a broad spectrum of musical expression and levels of skill required to perform them and embraces varying musical forms. Accompanying each title you will find the prices and the timings. Each initial score comes with a full set of instrumental parts and most scores can be ordered in either landscape or portrait. Additional scores without instrumental parts are also available on request. All of my music is available directly from John Meredith Music.

So, happy browsing! I hope that you can find music that interests you and meets the needs of both your music group and your listeners. If you have anything you wish to ask please contact me by telephone, email, via the website or write to me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

Email:  john@johnmeredithmusic.co.uk

Telephone: UK area code (01202) 397920

Dr. John Meredith
45 Parkway Drive

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